Newton’s Secret Code

By Brian Robinson.

Zeros and ones: is that what we are?

The dining hall at Cambridge University

“Whose turn is it to buy coffee, yours or mine?”

    “Mine I think.”

    “Right, well you’d better make yours a large double espresso. You’re going to need it. Can we find a spot in a corner? Somewhere where we won’t be overheard.

    Okay, so you know what I’ve been working on: Newton’s unfathomable paper, the paper that makes no sense. And you know that I’ve always thought it was written in some sort of code. Well, I’ve managed to get Roger Cordon on board. When it comes to code breaking, Roger is the best there is. He’s also done a lot of work on period codes.”

    “You’re going to tell me he’s cracked it?”

    “It took the best part of six months, but yes, we now know the precise nature of the paper.”

    “I’m all ears.”

    “I’m running this past you because I know you believe in a mathematical universe. We’re not alone in this now. More and more of the orthodoxy are coming around to our way of thinking. They’re not happy about it: but they’ve got no choice.

    So now we come to the paper. Newton makes three mathematical statements in the form of three conjectures. Then he sets out his three proofs. The first conjecture simply states that ‘our universe is 259’ and that’s exactly as Roger has decoded it.”

    “What does that mean? It’s a bit vague, isn’t it?”

    “Well, you have to read it in conjunction with his proof. Newton is saying two things. Firstly, that this is one of a number of universes. And secondly, that the number 259 forms the essence of our cosmos.”

    “Right…so…what about the proof? How does that stand up? Does it support the conjecture?”

    “The proof had flaws, I’ll admit that, but not major ones.”

    “You say had?”

    “Yes, well I brought the proof to the quantum computer boys. Between us, we’ve ironed out the problems. The proof now stands up. Mike, this changes everything we know about the nature of the universe.”

    “You’re not wrong. For a start, if there are an infinite number of universes, what are the chances that we just happen to be in one of the earlier examples? The odds against that are mind-blowing.”

    “Precisely! This must mean that we exist in the two hundred and fifty ninth attempt at creating a universe. This begs the question: what’s happened to the other two hundred and fifty eight?”

    “Are you sure about this?”

    “I’m absolutely sure. The maths excludes all doubt.”

    “What about the other statements? What do they say?”

    “The second one states that the number 27 is a creating influence that exists within the universe, but is not part of it. We’ve had to do some work on that proof too, but it also holds up with some important tweaks.”

    “Are you saying that Newton actually discovered the presence of God?”

    “You know me. I don’t believe in God. What Newton is saying, is that something very large and strange can exist in a universe but not be part of it, and that’s entirely logical. We exist in Cambridge, but we are not part of it. We are not the essence of Cambridge. And if we both left, Cambridge would still be the same.”

    “I think I see where you’re heading…Dark Matter…Dark Matter exists at around 27% of the cosmos. You’re saying that Dark Matter is actually some sort of creating force.”

    “I’m not saying anything. I let the maths do the talking.”

    “And the third conjecture?”

    “The third conjecture states that the number 70 is the driving force behind the expansion of the cosmos. Now that obviously refers to Dark Energy. Dark Energy exists as 70% of the universe. And so, the three conjectures combine to give us a theory of everything: 1, an entity, i.e. the universe; 2, a creating force; and 3, a driving force. And the proofs back everything up: 70 divided by 27 equals 2.59259259259 recurring into infinity. Or in other words: our universe.

    “Christ! I can see why the paper was written in code. The world wasn’t ready for this back in Newton’s time. It might not be ready now?”

    “There’s a problem though, and it’s a real big problem. The proofs state that the driving force in the universe must remain stable at 70%, if not, it will stop expanding. Now we’ve run a model through the quantum computer and turned the clock back to Newton’s time. Dark Energy was stable then at precisely 70% of the universe.

    Now something radical must have happened over the past two hundred and fifty years or so, because Dark Energy is unstable. We know for a fact that it now stands at 69.94678% and is reducing. This means the universe is already under extreme stress.”

    “So, you’re saying the universe could begin to contract towards a big crunch?”

    “No, that’s the mistake we’ve all been making. We’ve been working on the assumption that if the cosmos stopped expanding, it would take another 13.8 billion years to reach a big crunch. That’s not what Newton’s paper is telling us. If Dark Energy falls too far below its critical level, the proof tells us there will be an Explosive Crunch. The universe would cease to exist in an instant.”

“But why an explosive crunch? What would cause that to happen?”

“The Explosive Crunch would be caused by Dark Matter suddenly exiting the universe.”

    “Of course, that’s it! My God! That’s how it all began! The Big Bang was caused by an Explosive Big Crunch. And when it happens again, it will be goodbye universe 259: hello universe 260.”

Big Bang: Big Crunch? You do the maths.

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