Chinese Whispers

By Brian Robinson.

A whisper: innocent enough.

“Have you heard the latest, they’ve found the body of that poor missing boy?

“Oh my God no! Do they know what happened?”

“Well…murdered obviously. They’re not sure if there was a sexual motive yet.”

“Have you heard, the murdered boy, the attack was sexual. There’s a paedophile on the lose.”

“Do they have any leads? Do they think it was someone local or a stranger?”

“Have you heard, they’re sure it was a local person. We need to do something about this. It could have been your child or mine.”

“I’ve got my suspicions. You know who I’m talking about.”

“Have you heard, the main suspect in the murder is dogey Derek. Right here on our estate. Yes, can you believe that?”

“I think we need to get together about this. You can’t rely on the police. By the time they get their act together another child could be molested.”

“Have you heard, some of the lads are going to have a word with Derek? Are you in or out?”

“What’s the plan? A quite word?”

“Have you heard, they petrol-bombed Derek’s house last night. He didn’t survive. He was probably stoned out of his head, dead to the world. Serves him right if you ask me. I’ve got no sympathy for him.”

“Have you heard, the police say they have a prime suspect for the murder? They’re saying it could be one of the teachers at the primary school. Apparently, his wife found some of the murdered boy’s clothes stuffed in their dustbin. Mind you, that’s just a whisper!”

A whisper: judge and jury.

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