Anxiety: The Coronavirus

By Brian Robinson. A new test for us all. People suffering with health anxiety will be finding life difficult enough without the added complication of the Coronavirus. On the other hand, I recently heard a doctor say that we should all be acting like someone with Contamination OCD. So, should we all be feeling anxious; … Continue reading Anxiety: The Coronavirus


Understanding OCD

By Brian Robinson. Almost always OCD has two main characteristics i.e. compulsions and intrusive thoughts. Compulsions are what they say on the tin: you have to do them. Intrusive thoughts are difficult too, not only because they are troublesome and uncompromising, but because the sufferer may believe the thoughts represent the absolute truth. The absolute … Continue reading Understanding OCD

Exposure Therapy Explained

By Brian Robinson. Exposed Exposure Therapy is an approach used in the treatment of various anxiety disorders, and particularly, in the treatment of phobias and OCD. But in one sense, Exposure Therapy isn’t a therapy at all. It is just something that happens naturally given the right circumstances. What we have to do, is create … Continue reading Exposure Therapy Explained