Anxiety Symptoms: Depersonalisation: Derealisation

By Brian Robinson. Blurred vision Anxiety sufferers can experience a host of troublesome symptoms. This is a characteristic which often makes it a difficult condition to manage. Generally speaking, however, symptoms only arise due to high levels of stress or the fight or flight response having been activated. However, as anxiety sufferers we may believe … Continue reading Anxiety Symptoms: Depersonalisation: Derealisation

Understanding OCD

By Brian Robinson. Almost always OCD has two main characteristics i.e. compulsions and intrusive thoughts. Compulsions are what they say on the tin: you have to do them. Intrusive thoughts are difficult too, not only because they are troublesome and uncompromising, but because the sufferer may believe the thoughts represent the absolute truth. The absolute … Continue reading Understanding OCD

Shamanic Cave: Relaxation and Visualisation Exercise.

By Brian Robinson. Colours: reflections: thoughts. Visualisation can take a thousand forms and can be used towards a variety of ends. When it is used to help with anxiety, it serves as a means of escape to a safe place; as a distraction from troublesome thoughts; and a means to relax the mind. Visualisations work … Continue reading Shamanic Cave: Relaxation and Visualisation Exercise.

Anxiety Recovery Course. Module 10: Exercise.

By Brian Robinson. One of the most important advances in the treatment of anxiety and depression in recent years is the understanding of the role exercise can play in recovery. Regular exercise, even in small amounts, can alleviate symptoms and can help to lift our mood. Exercise is of course a behaviour, and all behaviours … Continue reading Anxiety Recovery Course. Module 10: Exercise.